My artwork is closely related to “genre painting”. The paintings are animated, alive, sometimes a bit chaotic and contain many characters and animals who, as if they were petrified, diffuse a certain mysterie and carry a message. The subjects come from my immediate environment : self-portraits, family members, surrounding animals, architectural objects and landscapes.

My approach starts with an idea, a photo that inspires me or reminds me of a theme. I then begin creating a composition by assembling several photos from my photo library.

Then I make small sketches and/or precise drawings and think about the colors before finally starting the oil painting in several layers and with a lot of attention to the details. During the very pleasant, long and slow creation process I sometimes imagine myself in the time of the Flemish Primitives. For expressing myself, I prefer paintings to words.

Each artwork contains a message and is the creative result of a world that only exists in my imagination. The characters live their daily lives, mostly emotionless, as if they were cut off from reality.

We never forget some lessons or events from our early childhood: a book, a melody, a remarkable experience, … For me, the book “Le Petit Prince” by Saint Exupéry has influenced me and taught me a lot: showing respect for the others, the importance of imagination and abstraction.

My parents’ garden and a bird we tamed are the source of my love and respect for nature and animals, with whom I try to forge a personal relationship. Several artworks are devoted to animals and nature.


SLAC Leuven – painting, 3 years, 2019

Stedelijke academie Beeldende Kunsten Jan Portaels Vilvoorde – painting, 3 years, 2014

University of Louvain-la-Neuve, Master in Applied Economic Sciences, 1995

Drawing in Chinese ink
Laurence Durieu – 2021